The Birth of a Beauty Blog!


What’s the point of a beauty blog?

Besides getting tips, tricks, and insider secrets on everything from makeup application, to product reviews, to reworking outfits you’ve worn a time too many, the creative and talented staff here at rj care about you! We promise to stay humble and be as interesting as possible.  A few times a week we’ll write posts about the latest trends in beauty, fashion, and styling, offer advice, and answer questions. We want you to feel as beautiful as possible, and the best place to learn how is right here at rj- inner beauty defined.


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4 Responses to The Birth of a Beauty Blog!

  1. miss_sc says:

    Nice work ladies! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for “rj’s” blogs. Love the “merry me” lipstick by OPI.

  2. miss_sc says:

    Oops! In my previous post I said “lipstick”, I meant polish…lol

  3. Natarsha R Harrison says:

    This is really nice, love ur Blog and will continue to follow.

  4. Nous says:

    I ❤ ur blog.. 😀

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