Renauta and Power 105.1

Hello Lovies!

So this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a fashion show hosted by NYC’s own Power 105.1 Radio, and it was amazing! Besides gaining inspiration to continue my fitness regime, and glimpsing some completely fab designs, I spent much of the day behind the scenes interviewing models and designers to bring you all the scoop… you’re very welcome. RJ

Model: Renauta

RJ: How’d you get into modeling and what keeps you going?

Renauta: I used to do a lot of extracurricular activities and it was just something to do… My best friend was into modeling and she took me to a show, I had such a good time I knew I had to do it seriously.

RJ: I’ve seen you walk and it’s crazy! How do you manage to stand out?

Renauta: Just being assured… My height is a set back so I have to work harder, but I’m confident and that makes the difference.

RJ: Who are some celebs who you think are really bringing it fashion-wise right now?

Renauta: Chanel Iman, Jessica White… I love Heidi Klum.

RJ: Me too! What about designers?

Renauta: Chanel and Armani. I really like the Fabric Twinz… and you know right now I’m in American Apparel and Forever 21 a lot—until I get my SuperModel money.

RJ: What do you think is the state of fashion right now? What does it say about our society?

Renauta: Well, Black models get faced with a lot of stereotypes. We’re seen as eye-candy and if we don’t have the big breasts and butt it’s very hard, harder if you’re plus sized…

RJ: Or short.

Renauta: Exactly.

RJ: Do you think that’s a global issue or more American centered? What do you think American fashion has to do to gain the notoriety of some of the European designers?

Renauta: American fashion is afraid of their own craziness. We need to let loose and just not care. European fashion is very chic but also edgy… we need to become as outgoing as they are.

RJ: What’s you must have piece of clothing or accessory right now?

Renauta: Blinged out stud earrings, lace, tube tops, and pasties.

RJ: What advice would you offer to someone aspiring to enter the industry?

Renauta: Just go for it and give it your all. Don’t fall for any gimmicks and don’t pay for anything if you don’t know where the money is going.

RJ: How do you define inner beauty?

Renauta: Individuality. My mom tells me to have my own style, persona, aura… give people a reason to talk about you.

RJ: Any closing comments?

Renauta: Yeah, short people rule!


Interviewed and Written By: Tiffany Nesbit

Senior Beauty Intern


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