Intern thoughts – Take 1

On one of the iciest days this winter, I made my way down town Manhattan for the Re/Dress and INDIE+ fashion show and taping of Redone, a new show to air on TLC. It seemed like such a nasty day–slushy streets, icy sidewalks, and drips of water leaking down from every possible awning above you.  When I arrived at Open House, on Mulberry Street, it was like I stepped into spring a few months early. There was grass and trees with bright lights and beautifully decorated cupcakes inside. As far as I was concerned the groundhog had seen his shadow weeks ago. Most of the production team was so warm and friendly it added to the springtime ambiance.

While the stage crew worked in the front of the house, Derek, Jessica, and I hurried to the backstage area. This is where all the magic happened. Models were being tossed from makeup to hair to wardrobe and back again. Everyone was assigned a designer and went to work. We were like chic worker bees dressed in all black. Steaming clothes, popping tags, finding shoes, dressing girls, finding girls, switching clothes and retouching makeup. (Breathe, wipe brow) Cutting threads, using double sided tape, running and slipping and lint rolling. It’s amazing how much work goes into one show, I can only imagine how New York Fashion Week is going to be.

The show had a great turn out. It featured designers of plus size women’s clothing. Some of the brands included Cupcake, Monique C. and clothes from the actual ReDress store. Everything from bathing suits to brightly colored wool coats and printed dresses were shown. From what I was able to see on the monitor it looked fab! The crowd loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to see clips of it on the show. You may even catch a glimpse of me working hard behind the scenes. It was definitely a night to remember.

Written by Anjule Weston

RJ Beauty Intern

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2 Responses to Intern thoughts – Take 1

  1. Sounds awesome! So sorry I missed it… is there a website I can go to and see the ReDress designs? You know I gotta represent for the big girls!

  2. Renarda Joy says:

    I wish I was there, sounds like you guys had a great time, can’t wait for it to air on tv. Great entry…

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