“A Whole Lotta Woman”

Hello all! For Black History Month the RJ team has decided to pay homage to famous African American women we think had a great impact on beauty as we know it today. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a woman from a different decade, starting with the 1970’s and moving into the present. We hope that you can appreciate these women who truly redefined inner beauty.
Foxy Brown
Don’t pretend like ya’ll don’t know who knew how to rock that fro’ with grace, beauty and a can of kickbutt! I’m talking about Foxy Brown, or as the real world knows her, Pam Grier. She was the central character in the 1974 film of the same name and  Now, I know it’s kinda weird to feature a fictional woman during Black History Month, but you guys can’t deny that she changed the game. Foxy Brown exhibited a sense of fashion and ferocious sexiness that changed the world for black women, and women alike. Her characters were strong, beautiful, proud and managed to work her body in a way that would rival that of Megan Fox before “Jennifers Body” and during the first “Transformers” movie. I have to give credit to Pam for bringing Foxy to life. She let it be known that it was OK to be smart, beautiful, Black, and sexy, and as they said back then, she was “A whole lotta woman!” Also should probably mention that movie had AWESOME hair.
Written by: Jessica Harris
RJ Beauty Intern
***Picture courtesy of www.picanese.com. ;

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One Response to “A Whole Lotta Woman”

  1. Renarda Joy says:

    Great job! Perfect selection for representing Black History Month!…

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