New Rules of Moisturizing

I’m on vacay!! Who wants to think, research and edit? Not I, not this week. So there it was all shiny and new. My March 2011 Lucky magazine. Heidi Klum looking stunning, as always, on the cover. I found a great article on moisturizing! Yes, I repeat, moisturizing. There were a few tidbits of information that I found very interesting so I thought I would share them with you. My top 5 tidbits.

1. Always moisturize over wet/damp skin. It soaks in better.

2. Cream foundations are more hydrating.

3. Glycerin bar soap is way more moisturizing than creamier regular bar soaps. Glycerin is one of the most emollient (soothing) ingredients known to man. If the bar is clear, it’s glycerin.

4. Dryness under the eyes reads as wrinkles. (Over 30!! Take notice!) Undereye cream is a must.

5. If it foams, it’s likely more drying. Your face should feel soft, not tight.

There’s more but I have to get back to my regularly scheduled vacation. Pick up a copy.

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One Response to New Rules of Moisturizing

  1. Ellen Mah says:

    wooot vaca!!! Better be down in the islands and warm!!! Lmaoo!! But yup moisturize all you need…I know I need it this winter!! ^_^

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