5 Tips and Must-haves for getting V-day ready!

While some of us have been pre-occupied with keeping up our new year’s resolutions, others of us have been chipping nails digging our cars out of igloos this winter. But, despite our lack of discipline and Mother Nature’s merciless games, cupid is undeterred and right on schedule (whether we like it or not). This means there are NO excuses for not meeting this year’s Valentine’s Day head-on and with our right (freshly pedicured) feet forward. In fact we have 5 simple tips and heart-day inspired products that will have you believing in love, especially when you’re looking at your own reflection.




#1 This year, while you’re deciding whether he loves you or he loves-you-not, do it while donning one of these stunning polishes from Sephora by OPI: four classic V-day colors for the traditional sweetheart to the fiery lover. Plucking petals never looked so good!

A true romantic

Cover me in petals

Fiercely fabulous

Merry Me

#2 Its February, your mug may feel weather-beaten and dull by now. Add some warmth to your face this winter and bring attention to those lovely cheeks of yours with La Vie En Rose, the newest blush addition by Too Faced. This cool pink palette boasts a hint of golden shimmer that will brighten and accentuate your face and have him thinking you’re blushing for all the right reasons.


#3 If the symbol for Valentine’s day was a body part, what would it be? …..Umm your LIPS of course! Whether you’ll be kissing it off by the end of the night or smothering it with chocolate delights, Mattese Elite’s Swinger is definitely a Must-Have this V-day. This creamy, easy-glide lipstick has a satin-like finish with a bold ruby red that will give your lips a permanent pout (at least for the night).


#4 Valentine’s Day is about more than just relationships, it’s also about loving yourself. Be nice to the number one person in your life, your face! Exfoliating scrubs don’t come cheap, but healthy skin is a necessity which is why a brown sugar exfoliating scrub is another Must-Have for Valentine’s Day. A simple mixture of regular brown sugar and olive oil will serve as an exfoliant for sloughing off dead skin leaving your face soft and bright. You can even add a little honey for added moisture. All organic, all natural, all probably in your kitchen already!


#5 Curly or straight, nothing oozes love, lust and everything in-between better than a messy ‘do (for both men and women). If done right, a messy look lets the world know you are confident enough to have a few hairs out of place. Classy yet sexy with a hint of dangerous – this is a great tip for V-day. So tousle those tresses before your special date or your night out with the girls (or fellas) this Feb. 14 but don’t be surprised if your ‘do is totally un done by the end of the night.

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