Red Carpet Madness: 2011 Grammys

As far as award shows go, it is safe to say they are more anticipated for the Red carpet fashion than any acknowledgement of talent. True to form, the 53rd annual Grammys seemed to work like a Ringling Brothers show complete with tigers and … well, what circus is complete without Gaga (see Nicki Minaj & Gaga below). But it wasn’t all outrageous, some stars obviously knew what they were doing because the internet is a-buzz with only a select few memorable women who captured the Red carpet attention.

Surprisingly, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian (no surprise here) were some of these memorable women who literally stole the limelight in these shimmery yet sexy gowns. Selena showed up in a champagne colored J. Mendel Spring ’11 Collection panne velvet dress while Kimmy bedazzled in a beaded Kaufman Franco.

Some other showstoppers included Jenifer Hudson and Eva Langoria. J. Hud showed off her newly-svelte body in a Versace gown and Louboutins while Longoria’s ruffled black and white Ashi dress and Brian Atwood shoes were the talk of the town. If this is what she looks like on a daily, I’m not surprised that Eduardo Cruz (Penelope Cruz’s brother) allegedly tatted her name on his body.

Queens of shock, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga were probably the most memorable of all. Nicki Minaj really wore her spots from head to toe like a true modern-day Cruella Deville. On the other hand, it was honestly hard to decide which Gaga look of the night was most shocking. I didn’t think it could get any crazier than the 2010 VMA meat dress but this years yoke outfit takes the cake (no pun intended). Clearly this woman likes to wear her protein.

Other stars seemed to teeter on the fence between fashion forward and fashion faux-pas. Personally, I would’ve torched any of the following looks for several reasons: RiRi – dress made out of soap suds? Katy Perry – I’m not even sure where to start. Where is the Facebook dislike button? But despite the dresses, all the make up and hair styles were commendable and well put together.

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One Response to Red Carpet Madness: 2011 Grammys

  1. Tiffany-J says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree with you RE: Kim K and Eva Langoria… Kim’s worn this look more than a time too many, it needs to be retired; and Eva’s dress was just eh- certainly not a show stopper.

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