First Lady of Fashion

We can’t talk about the new century and the world of beauty and fashion without mentioning First Lady Michelle Obama. Our first lady is nothing but fierce in our book.

Michelle O and her style have caught a lot of the limelight since her husband stepped onto the national political scene. Sassy, bold, and full of class this women has brains, beauty, and amazingly well toned arms. She has it all! From her elegant dresses and pearls to understated sexy summer wrap dresses. Michelle seems to be not only fashion forward but also fiscally aware. She’s not afraid to say she got her dress from J Crew, to throw on a pair of sneakers, or to show a little skin. Michelle’s confidence is something for all women to strive for.

US Weekly wrote, the President himself said that one of the reasons he loved ‘His Rock’ (So Cute!) so much was that she shopped at Target and watched Sex in The City. I mean, really, who could resist Carrie and Big’s toxic and addictive relationship? In fact, Mrs. O’s tendency to be like “one of us” it one of the things that makes her appealing. Not only is our First Lady an Ivy League-er, but a brilliant public speaker and great mommy. She’s all about the saying “It’s not what you wear, its how you wear it,” and man does she wear it!

Regardless of what she wears, Michelle has always been and will always be a fashionista. Being named one of the “10 of the World’s Best Dressed People” by Vanity Fair and having her style compared to Jackie Kennedy, from the moment she wore that white one shouldered gown by unknown designer Jason Wu to the inaugural ball I knew she would be leading the world as a Fashion Icon.

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2 Responses to First Lady of Fashion

  1. Renarda says:

    Great way to end Black History Month…

  2. Tiffany-J says:

    Michelle O is so the new Jackie O!

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