Red Carpet Madness: Oscars 2011

The 83rd annual Academy Awards aired Sunday night with some of the most amazing (and a few not-so-amazing) dresses to grace the Red Carpet in a long time. For the most part, I have to say that I was impressed with the stars’ choices to deviate from the classic black and still manage to look elegant and captivating. After all, its just as bad (if not worse) to wear an unmemorable ensemble than it is to show up with a horrible dress. But lucky for us, many stars dazzled giving us much to talk about. One thing is for sure if last year’s theme was the one-shoulder dress, this year’s Oscars theme was ultra-feminine shades ranging from soft spring colors to bold sultry reds and blacks. And though many stars showed up wearing beautiful gowns in similar shades and styles, we all know that a big part of fashion is knowing what works on the individual; a rule of thumb some may have forgotten on Oscars night. With all that being said, lets play a little game I like to call hit or miss.

Purple was a favorite this year with top actresses like best actress winner, Natalie Portman and co-star Mila Kunis. Not to mention, Scarlet Johanssen who also chose a plum/burgundy lace D&G dress to walk the Carpet. So who hit or missed?

Although ScarJo was a close (very close) runner up, baby bump or not, Natalie could have chosen a more interesting ensemble. Though the color was rich and eye-catching, this was an overall simple dress that could have given us more while still remaining tasteful. I say she missed this by a long shot. Mila, on the other hand, hit the nail on the head with that Elie Saab chiffon dress and Neil Lane jewelry reminiscent of a Grecian goddess.

Speaking of goddesses, Halle Berry, Mandy Moore and Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat wowed the Red Carpet crowd with their be-jeweled gowns. Its hard to say who missed this one because each actress had a unique look from Halle’s movie-star glamorous to Mandy’s royalty regal and Mallika’s sleek sex kitten. But if I had to choose, I would say Halle’s crystal-encrusted Marchesa was a definite hit.

Iridescent gowns were also common this year in all shades. Gwynth Paltrow and ESPN’s Erin Andrews (far right) showed off their metallic dresses though neither were particularly impressive. However, another bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai Bachan glimmered in an iridescent brown Giorgio Armani Prive. Hit or miss? Aishwarya definitely hit a home-run on this one while Erin looked like she missed the exit for Miss USA and ended up on the Red Carpet.

So who was the best dressed or the worst? We all have our opinions but personally two of the best looking women on Oscar night were Jennifer Hudson and Camila Alves. This is the second time Jennifer has made our Red Carpet list and rightfully so as she looked amazing in an Atelier Versace red-orange gown. She looked healthy and happy, she was glowing … this was inner beauty defined at its best. Brazilian model and TV performer, Camila Alves was stunning alongside her beaux Matthew McConaughy. She was one of the few who stuck to the not-so-little little black dress code common at these award shows. However there was nothing common about her Kaufman Franco dress and Lorraine Shwartz jewelry (remind you of someone?) And who missed the mark completely for the night? Anne Hathway’s many wardrobe changes did not save her from the dress she showed up in on the Red Carpet (pictured at top). Neither the shade nor the floral ruffles of this Valentino gown were flattering on her. It ended up making her look pale and boxy around the hips.

An anticipated part of the night is waiting to see who wore the most unique get up. We’ve rounded up three stand-out outfits to play hit or miss with (and no, Helena Bonhame Carter is not included this year) and we want to know what you think. Who hit or missed: is it Lisa Marie Falcone in her optical illusion dress, Hillary Swank a la Gucci Black Swan, or Cate Blanchett’s lilac ensemble?

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One Response to Red Carpet Madness: Oscars 2011

  1. TiffanyJeanette says:

    Hilary Swank was tots a hit! She looked amazing! And Mila Kunis killed it!
    I did not think JHud’s dress was all that fab, but she def was glowing. I also wasn’t a fan of ScarJo.
    Halle Berry and Mandy Moore’s dresses were great but I think Mandy is too fair for such a color.
    Anne had some hits and misses throughout the night but I do agree her red carpet dress was a miss.
    Great reviews Yayne!

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