Huh, what? Workout Time?

Spring is right around the corner, I know I’m not the only one nervous about the change in seasons. Warmer weather means less clothes and I, for one, am not ready! Before I start hitting the track I have to look the part! Here is my list of essential get fit items for 2011:

1. Champion 360 Max Support Sports Bra- it is absolutely necessary that you invest in a good sports bra to keep the girls in check. High-impact activities: Compression bras minimize movement by pressing flat against your chest. Heavy chested women find an encapsulating sports bra! Get professionally fitted.

2. Nike Air Max Trainer essential woman’s training shoe- buying the right sneakers will make all the difference and give you the support you need. Thinking about becoming a real runner? Find a specialty running store that measures the motions of foot during your stride. Yeah, they can do that!

3. GapBodyFit ruffle neck jacket
GapBodyFit drape neck tank
GapBody gfast leggings
Comfort + style will having you looking like a pro. Don’t sleep on the Gap for workout gear. There is always a sale. They have lots of different fits, high quality with moisture wicking fabric.

4. Embark slimmer belt- use this to maximize your workout and torch more calories! Try Target for these, about 10 bucks.

5. iPod + workout play list. -nothing gets you more in the mood to move then some good tunes! Up tempo songs work best. I like to listen to DC go-go music to get me going.

I wish you all the best. Have a stylish workout!

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2 Responses to Huh, what? Workout Time?

  1. Renarda says:

    I’m ready to get my work out on in style!…

  2. Even Jillian Michaels would be impressed… When she’s not yelling “I want you to feel like you’re dying!”

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