Shecky’s Girls Night Out Was Amazing!

Shecky’s NYC had everything there and I mean ev-er-y thang! When I walked in I was given a wrist band and ticket for the bar. (oh yeah!) Next I received a bag FULL of goodies. Packed with lotions, lip gloss, creams, makeup and sprays, you name it! After I made my way to the bar I walked around to all of the booths–there were make overs, massages, manicures, and teeth whitening at low or no cost. There were clothing and shoe companies offering up to 50% off! Mini bars were set up everywhere and all the bartenders were hot guys dressed in a black. I took part in a free 10 minute mixology class courtesy of Cointreau. Now I can impress my friends by mixing drinks with my cute shaker I got for the low price of free!

This was a night to remember! I would definitely recommend going if you haven’t already been or just go again. As a matter of fact, there is another NYC Shecky’s Girls Night Out scheduled for this summer (June 22-24). All the men were gorgeous, the drinks were free, and I got a lot of free swag. The only thing I would have done differently: take a whole bunch of friends and take the next day off from work!

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One Response to Shecky’s Girls Night Out Was Amazing!

  1. Renarda Joy says:

    Sounds like I missed out on a lot of fun festivities!..I’m grabbing the girls, we going to the next one!…

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