Makeup gone bad?

New Season, New You, New Make-Up?

Greetings Dolls! The best way to kick off the season is to focus on what everyone wants to focus on around this time—how to be an all new you, aka how to feel fabulous. What’s the best way to start? So glad you asked. The answer: look fabulous. Now I know after reading that the first thing you want to do is run out and buy all new shades of everything with those MAC and Sephora gift cards you still have from ChrismaHanuKwanzica, break out your cute sandals and read on.

My ex-best friend (long story, don’t ask) is in PR and she used to take me to all these amazing industry parties where I went home with bags and bags of swag*. One of the products I was introduced to was Sheer Cover mineral foundation (similar to Bare Minerals) and part of the reason why I love it is because the Almond shade matches my winter color exactly and the Mocha is a perfect blend for my summer tan. The reason I bring this up is because alas, my tan (thank you Montego Bay, Jamaica!) has finally subsided, and it’s time to once again make the switch from Mocha to Almond… but I have some Almond left over from last spring and I didn’t know if I could still wear it. Lucky for you this Recessionista did some research and can now share my findings. If    you follow these timelines you’ll be looking great, feeling great, and you can save your gift cards for the next time your (insert boss, co-worker, kids, significant other, etc.) gets on your nerves and you’re in need of a little me-time.  Of course, if it smells funny toss it! You know that old lipstick smell!

Powders (2 years)                                                       Pencils (2 years)

Blush and Bronzer                                                        Lip Liners

Eye Shadow                                                                  Eye Liners

Lip Color (1.5-2 years)                                                Liquids (3 months)

Lip Gloss                                                                       Mascaras

Lipsticks                                                                        Eye Liners

Creams/ Matte Mousses (1-1.5 years)

Foundation (oil based will last longer than water based)



Eye Shadow

❤ Tiffany

*industry term for free goodies

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