Professionally Fierce

Greetings Lovies! Spring is in the air and I am oh so ready to break out my peep-toes–they’re becoming claustrophobic amongst all of my boxes of shoes; but the change in weather has me wondering what is okay to wear in the workplace and what is a bit too… trendy (if there is such a thing).

My day job is currently in publishing and I spend most of my time there sitting behind a desk; but there are tons of book release parties, author signings, poetry readings and other fabulous events I get to attend where the fashionista inside of me is outraged that she has to abide by rules. For example, it’s become quite warm in the city and I’m happy to do away with the tights under my dresses, but does that mean I have to wear stockings or is it okay to go bare-legged? Do knee-boots count as business-casual or are they just plain casual? Can I just throw a blazer on top of the mini dress I’m really wearing to meet up with the girls for after work drinks?

If you, like me, have questioned similar situations here are a three simple rules that will keep you professionally-fierce.

Treat everyday as an interview. Generally speaking, you should always come to an interview dressed in your best. If you’re told that the office has casual Fridays or dress down Mondays that’s one thing, but when in doubt look at the girl to the left of you then the girl to the right of you and wear something similar to them but better. It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

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Don’t be afraid to be bold. Wear prints and colors. I’m sure everyone has seen the scenes of loads of people walking on Wall Street and the only way you can tell one person from the next is the monogram on their briefcase, but I have never had the problem being the Elle Woods of a group. We may not want to print our resumes in pink paper or spritz them with perfume, but don’t think that you have to wear neutral colors to look professional or to be taken seriously. You don’t have to work for a PR company to be fashionable at work.

Always dress comfortably. If you have to pull your skirt down every five minutes because it’s on the verge of showing cheekage then it is not only uncomfortable but also unprofessional. None of us are in private school anymore (I know I’m not the only one who always got in trouble for my skirts coming above the knee), and there’s nothing wrong with showing your knees or even a little thigh, but you should be able to walk around without giving your male co-workers whiplash… And if you keep asking the intern to make you copies simply because your feet hurt then your shoes are too high, save them for the club.

If you follow these guidelines you’ll be looking good, feeling good, likely performing your best work, and I’m sure your co-workers won’t be the only ones to notice.  (*When you get your promotion I’ll take my 15% via cash, check, or PayPal.)

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