RJ Spotlight: Miss SC / The Single Ladies Café

Miss SC

RJ: Okay, so on your website you say The Single Ladies Café (TSLC) is place where single women meet to discuss their dating experiences, and learn to make changes that will lead them to marriage, as a single lady I think this is a fantastic idea! Why do you think no one’s thought of it sooner?
SC: You know, I don’t know how to answer that really, but if I had to I’d say because we as women have blamed men for most of the problems in dating for so long, we forget to take a step back to see if it’s anything that we are doing wrong. What TSLC does is have women look at the way we date and examine how we’re dating and who we’re dating, things like that. I still believe that men only do what we allow them to do.
RJ: Umhmm, my mom says the same thing. And do you keep in contact with any of the ladies you advise? See what comes from them taking a look at their own dating habits? I know this is a new venture but I think it would be cool to keep track of how they’re doing relationship wise say five, ten years down the line.
SC: There’s no  formal mechanism in place right now for keeping track of them but, there are a few that I do keep in touch with. We’ll just have wait to see five or ten years from now to see the status of these ladies’ dating lives.
RJ: I love the way your blog is written, how detailed each scenario is—are these actual women you’ve come across or are they combinations of many?
SC: A lot of them are a combination of many women, sometimes even women I may have seen on TV… or something!  I may hear from a friend about someone they know. But all of these are real examples of what sometimes happens in relationships.
RJ: So true! And your responses are usually open ended, what’s the reason for that?
SC: Yes, I want my listeners to feel free to comment in their own opinions.  If I just comment or give my opinion they may feel only my opinion is right.  I leave them open ended so that people can become a part of the café without feeling judged, It’s very important that TSLC is not a judgmental place.
RJ: Did you originally envision TSLC as having a radio element? Was it something you worked towards or did it just fall into your lap?
SC: I was fine doing it as just a blog, I never thought of radio or TV because I wasn’t really comfortable with myself. I was just getting my hair done one day and my stylist introduced me to one of the studio’s owner. He said “You should come do a show!” and I did.
RJ: That’s awesome, and what’s really cool about your show is that it’s not just you giving dating advice, but  you have a male perspective to keep the show balanced.  One of your segments talks about inner beauty defined, how important do you think the role of beauty, both inner and outer, plays in a successful relationship?
SC: I think outer beauty is vain, inner beauty is what’s important. Outer beauty can go away by aging, scaring, those kinds of things. The inside is what stays.  So inner beauty is necessary, it relates to how you treat others and how you treat yourself.
RJ: And what about faith? Do you think there has to be a religious component for a relationship to last?
SC: Well faith is important, but you don’t have to have it in order for the relationship to be successful, but it does make the journey much easier.
RJ: What about religious faith? Do you think a relationship can work if, say one person is religious and the other is not? [totally inquiring for myself here]
SC: It can work but you’ll have to work harder in order to withstand the journey.
RJ: [Tiffany begins to rethink the end of her last relationship…] So what are some of your plans for taking TSLC to the next level? Where would you like to see TSLC in the future?
SC: This year for us is about exposure.  We have a commercial coming out in a week or so.  We will be hosting/sponsoring a traveling play early summer, and we will be throwing our launching celebration for our show late summer.  In terms of our future, I’d love to do a web series, and maybe some TV.
RJ: Cool! So before we wrap up let’s learn a little more about you… what is your ideal date?
SC: Oooh, this is a trick question. I’d have to say someone who is down to earth, knows what they want and where they’re going… compassionate, not just to me but to everyone, giving… good looks too, well, that never hurts.
RJ: Haha, so what do you order on a date? Are you one of those women who orders a salad or do you go for the steak?
SC: Girl, I go for the steak! I like food…
RJ: Me too, girl. Lastly, how do you Define Inner Beauty?
SC: Inner beauty is having good character – it makes everything else fall into place.
RJ: Nicely put. Any closing remarks?
SC: Yes!  “Ladies, keeping dating smart, simple, and sexy.”
RJ: Shameless plug, I love it! Thank you so much! Have a good day and enjoy Maury!
SC: Oh, I will! And you have a good day too.

That's today! Tune in and comment!

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