A Look Behind the Pearls: Chanel Launches New Interactive Website

So if you’re reading this, hopefully you’re like yours truly: Surfing your fav beauty sites when you should be working. Yep! That’s me. So while keeping tabs on what’s new in the world of beauty I came across some great news.  As of February, Chanel has launched Chanel-Makeup-Confidential, a website that takes you behind the scenes of their beauty empire. The leading man in this feature is Mr. Peter Phillips himself, Chanel’s Global Creative Director of Makeup.  In a nutshell, this man is genius! Who else could create a nail lacquer (Black Pearl) that is going for up to $100 on eBay? And that’s no exaggeration.

This site is totally interactive. The Belgium native takes you behind the scenes of a Chanel show and even gives a tour of his chic SoHo studio. He’s very much hands on and can be seen instructing a group of Chanel MUAs on how to perfect his vision of the models’ looks. But I must admit, Phillips shares the spotlight in this production.  Chanel MUA Lisa Eldridge gives a demo of the new Spring Collection Les Perles de Chanel—translation: The Pearls of Chanel.  I guess my high school French did come in handy. This season is about light corals and golden peach tones.

At the end of the day this site was added to my Safari favorites.  And the best part, you can download your very own Chanel Confidential screensaver.

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