Over the Moon for the Moon Manicure

Hey dolls, If you’re anything like me you’ve already started adding to your summer wardrobe (If you’re not than oh, well… I’ll try not to pick all the hottest things off the racks so they’ll be something decent left when you get around to it), so I wanted to give you a must-have purchase to pick up while you’re out shopping: lots of bright colored nail polishes!

Now I know what you’re thinking: hello, bright round nails are in for the spring, I’m already rocking that! But hold your stilettos, what I’m urging you to try is the moon manicure—you know the look that was all over the runway this fashion season.

Almost the opposite of a French manicure, the moon manicure has a different colored arch on the base of your nail instead of the tip. And instead of the neutrals with a white arch you do on your French, with the moon manicure you want a bright bold color for both parts of the nail. The arch can be as thick as you want and the thicker it is the easier to execute! Lastly, wait for it… you can get this look simply and easily right at home! All you have to do is start at the base of your nail and polish from side to side instead of from base to tip. Give it ten minutes and you’ll be ready to strut the streets in no time.

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