RJ Product Review: Sabon Mud Mask

38 Greene St., Suite 5A, New York,NY

I was introduced to Sabon a few years ago during a random stroll down Broadway. The French Provincial décor  was truly inviting. Although I heart all their products, as one of my must-haves it’s only right that I tell you about their Mud Mask. Made from Dead Sea minerals, the Sabon Mud Mask is detoxifying, rejuvenating and overall skincare goodness!

Minerals from the Dead Sea have been proven to reduce signs of aging, heal skin ailments like acne and psoriasis, and improve overall hydration. And this product fits the bill.  The consistency is heaven and       the smell, reminiscent of marshmallows, is even           better.

Mud Mask $30 worth every cent

Use it once a week after cleansing and toning.  If your skin is extra dull,  use a light facial scrub before applying the mask. For sensitive skin types, the mask alone will do. After 10-20 minutes you’ll have a refreshed and glowing complexion. Try it now at www.sabonnyc.com

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One Response to RJ Product Review: Sabon Mud Mask

  1. Fatima says:

    I must try this product.

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