Brushes: Natural or Not

Brushing-Up on the Basics

Hello Lovies! Now that you’ve been reading our tips and tricks I thought it might be important to discuss  some of the different makeup brushes there are out there and what the essentials are that every style guru should own… after all, your makeup can only look as fab as the tools you apply it with allows.

Synthetic: The most popular (and cheapest—for all you recessionistas), these brushes work best with cream makeup and are typically recommended for those with sensitive skin. Lots of brushes have synthetic bristles mixed with natural to make them more affordable.

Nars Bronzing Brush $50

Goat Hair: These brushes are very common and are best at picking up powder makeup. They are also pretty helpful with buffing and blending, as goat hair by nature makes your skin more lustrous. Lots of brushes are made with a mixture of goat and synthetic fibers.

shu uemura / Natural badger $29

Badger Hair: Containing very firm yet flexible bristles, these brushes are ideal for bronzing and dusting, but they must be cleaned after each use. It has a distinctive fan-like appearance.

shu uemura / Kolinsky brush #15 $280.00

Red Sable Hair: The most durable of all brushes, these are popular because their bristles easily snap back into place without much shaping. Made from a kind of weasel. A more expensive form of sable is the Kolinsky.

Japonesque Squirrel Eyeshadow Fluff $15.00

Squirrel Hair: These brushes contain the softest natural bristles and work best blending heavy pigments.  Great for detail in the eye crease. Gives definition and used for contouring and blending shadows.

7 Other Essential Brushes:

Large Powder Brush- Lightly and evenly distributes powder makeup, very important in setting a base for other makeup

Kabuki Brush- For quick heavy powder makeup application

Foundation Brush- Most precise brush for applying liquid or cream foundation

Concealer Brush- Fixed placement that won’t get picked back up as you blend

Blush Brush- Allows for the most natural distribution of color

Bronzer Brush- Similar to powder brush but will allow for more color on the curves of your face

Contour Brush- Creates dimension, usually along jaw line or cheekbones

Till next time….

❤ Tiffany

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