Beauty Expo in Washington D.C.

Just yesterday a tremendous fashion, lifestyle, and beauty expo was held in Washington D.C at the Convention Center.  The Renarda Joy Company would have loved to go check out what some of the industry heads had to share, but we were taking a bit of a breather from the amazing NY FAME show that we took part in in NYC.  However, Korto Momolo, who showed her Spring 2012 collection at the NY FAME show made the trip down to D.C. the day after her presentation during Fashion Week to Co-host the event!

The other host was America’s Next Top Model photographer Nigel Barker, who many in the fashion and beauty world are very familiar with.  The expo featured a day of makeovers, beauty seminars, and Korto got to show her amazing collection again that truly dazzled us Friday night in New York, and I’m sure everyone in D.C. that got to see it were amazed by her creativity as well.

Although we would have loved to indulged in the mini-spa they had set up, we are very excited to see our friend Korto Momolu doing so well and we give her all the support in the world!

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