Miss Universe Proves Beauty Comes From Within

For those who have heard the saying “beauty is only skin deep” have not gotten to know the new Miss Universe.  Beauty is something within a person and shows through their actions and the way they they carry out their everyday lives. True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, races, ages, and ethnicities.  We see beauty everyday all around us in different forms, and just last night, Leila Lopes of Angola became a symbol of universal beauty by being crowned Miss Universe 2011.

The Miss Universe Pageant is not just a “most popular” contest, it delves deeper into the beauty that lies beneath.  In order to be crowned Miss Universe, the candidate must be intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured.  A pretty face will not simply slip through the cracks by giving answers to questions regarding world politics if they are filled with “fluff” and meaningless words.  They have to be sharp, quick, kind, and poised in addition to the outer beauty that they exude.

Miss Angola exemplified all of this, which was why Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011.  The stunning pageant queen exemplifies everything Miss Universe stands for and shines a positive light on Angola and on the rest of Africa.  Her elegant and poised disposition is timeless and we look forward to seeing more of this Angolan beauty as she proudly wears her crown for the rest of her reign.

Source: ABC News

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