Makeup Remover: The Key to A Fresh Start

We’ve all been there, exhausted after a long day’s work, or a night out with friends and you come home and all you want to do is spend some serious quality time with your pillow. You forget all about taking your make-up off and then you wake up in the morning looking like a raccoon with your mascara smudged all over your face. The thing we don’t realize is how vital it is to remove that make-up the night before.

When you leave cosmetics on your face it gets caked into your pores making them look larger and making break-outs more constant. Your skin repairs itself at night and when you forget to take your makeup off, it makes the process a lot more difficult.  It’s easy to find a makeup remover that can work for you that won’t leave you too oily, and won’t dry you out.  When you get your hands on a really great makeup remover that will dissolve even the most stubborn cosmetics while moisturizing and soothing your face you will wake up to a fresh, clean start. It’s a quick and easy step to take right before bed that too many of us neglect to do.  Give your face a break and remember to take off your makeup before bed!

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