Anti-Aging Not Found in a Bottle

Beauty is so often tied in with youthfulness and wrinkle-free resilient skin.  We see commercials and advertisements for anti-aging creams and serums on a daily basis.  Many could easily be scared by them and wonder if fine lines and wrinkles are going to mar your beauty?

The good news is that there are many natural ways to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.  You don’t have to go running to the store and clear out their stock of age-fighting formulas.  Here are a few easy ways to care for your skin and keep put off the aging process, at least for a little while.

1. Drink water.  It flushes the toxins from your body and gives your skin a beautiful glow.  Plus, water is the only liquid your body actually needs to survive.

2. Eat foods high in antioxidants.  Blueberries are a prime example of an antioxidant rich food, the antioxidants prevent collagen loss in skin.

3. Avoid extended periods in the sun.  If you don’t use some sun protection when you are outside, all the preventative measures in the world won’t help your anti-aging efforts.

4. Moisturize.  Dry skin is the cause to most skin related problems, so using a good moisturizer and applying it regularly will keep your skin young looking longer.

5. Don’t smoke!  Smoking only accelerates the aging process.

6. Get some beauty sleep.  Your skin is the largest organ on your body and your body replenishes and rejuvenates itself naturally during sleep.

7. Add green tea to your diet.  Green tea has anti-aging properties and some say it has many other health benefits as well.

8. Read the Renarda Joy blog.  We’ve mentioned all these anti-aging tips in our previous posts, and we want to keep you up to date on the latest skin care and beauty trends.

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