Fighting Dark Under Eye Circles

Many women complain about dark circles under their eyes that they simply can’t get rid of.  It makes the whole face look tired and feel older, and they have problems hiding these dark circles with makeup and concealers.  Often they are told that it is lack of sleep causing the problem, but the truth is that there could be a more serious issue in some cases.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive on your body. It is important that you avoid rubbing this skin, which can be difficult sometimes when your allergies are acting up.  Excessive rubbing can break blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin and add to the dark circles.  Another cause of these dark circles is genetics, which is completely unavoidable.  At times these dark circles are a sign of anemia, nasal congestion or dehydration.

Don’t worry, just because you have dark circles under your eyes doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, and know that there are ways to fix it.  Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is one easy way to combat them.  Eating healthy always makes your skin look better, and high doses of vitamin C, E, and K can help reduce dark circles.

Sometimes just sleeping with a few pillows propped up under your head will help so that there isn’t an excessive flow of blood to those spots where your capillaries are closest to the skin.  Other at home remedies like cold compresses, cool cucumbers, crushed mint leaves, or cool teabags applied to the eyes could reduce the darkness of the circles as well.  Of course, if the dark circles persist, or get increasingly worse you may want to consult with a doctor just to make sure there’s nothing going on that you should know about, but most likely you will be just fine and some concealer and a few at home remedies will do the trick.

Source: All Women Stalk

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