Eyebrow Raising Beauty

Many women ask what they should be doing with their eyebrows, and really, there’s no single answer to that questions.  There’s a load of options to choose from whether you’re waxing, plucking, or threading and how much or how little you should remove.

Different shapes work for different faces, but the cardinal rule of eyebrows is to not make them too thin.  You don’t want to accidentally remove too much hair and have to draw on your eyebrows for the next few weeks.  That is definitely not a good look.

Although it sometimes may be painful and tedious, here’s a few guidelines to go by when shaping your brows:

1. If tweezing your eyebrows at home try to do it right after you get out of the shower when your skin is still warm and soft and the hairs can be pulled out more easily

2. If you’re really concerned about the pain from waxing take two aspiring about 30 minutes before you do it, and you can apply ice afterwards to reduce the pain. (Do not apply ice directly to skin, make sure it is wrapped in a cloth or paper towel because that will just increase redness and burning if you do)

3. Don’t scrunch your face up or pull your skin too taut when you’re shaping your brows, you’ll end up taking hair from places you shouldn’t

4. As a general rule, and if you’re not sure, less is more…I mean taking off less hair is more.  Sometimes it’s okay to have those Brooke Shields eyebrows, like I said, just as long as you aren’t drawing them on according to your mood each day you should be okay.

5. When all else fails, go with the natural shape of your eyebrows.  Natural is always beautiful.  You might not even have to do that much work, just a little bit of cleaning around the edges and most of the time nature will guide you to beautifully arched brows.

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