What is Beauty?

What is beauty?  What does it mean to be beautiful?  Is it a cultural thing?  Is it your own thing?  Is it something made up?  To me, beauty comes from within you.  No, I’m not about to get all cheesy and give you the whole “it’s not what’s on the outside that matters” spiel, but when you think about it, what is beauty to you?

There are women in China that think beauty is binding their feet, and women in Burma who think stretching out their necks with a series of metal rings is beautiful, and there are women in the United States who have been warped by the media who think that in order for them to reach true beauty they need to go under the knife.

What I think is that beauty is your natural, glowing essence.  True beauty is not how you wear your hair, or how you wear your makeup, but how you feel and the attitude passion you exude when you do that.  I always think the most beautiful people are the ones who smile the brightest, and the ones who you know feel great about themselves, no matter what kind of clothes they have on.

Beauty is different for every woman.  Beauty should be natural.  And you’ve already heard a million times before, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  It isn’t just the way someone looks, it’s the way someone feels.  I’m not saying we should all be natural and throw away all our beauty products.  Absolutely not, I love my mascara far too much for that, but I’m saying be beautiful in your own right.  That’s how I define inner beauty at least, what is your inner beauty defined?

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