Updating Your Wardrobe with Fierce Fall Accessories

Fall is usually the most unpredictable time for weather, which makes it a little bit harder to pick out a great outfit to wear that’s appropriate for the season.  I find that it’s best to layer your clothing, since sometimes you could wake up to a nice warm day that still has smells of summer lingering in the air, and a few blocks later you feel a cold, stiff breeze that reminds you winter will be shortly on its way.  Fall accessories are also some of my favorite pieces that always add a little flair to your wardrobe.  I picked out a few here that you could try to work into your autumn attire.

1. Scarves.  I absolutely love scarves.  You can get a light, breezy one that just acts as a fashion piece, or you can get a heavier one that will keep you warm.  There’s a million ways to wrap and tie them also, so they give you a lot of creative power, which I’ve always loved.

2. Gloves.  There’s no need to get those boring basic black gloves any more.  You can find some seriously stylish, and very well made gloves out there now.  These studded leather gloves are a real eye-catcher, and a great example of a way to dress up an otherwise boring piece of clothing.

3. Sunglasses.  Sunglasses aren’t just for laying out on the beach anymore.  For this accessory, it’s okay to spend a little more because if you get a really good pair of polarized shades, they can protect your eyes from harmful rays that may damage your vision.  They also look adorable on, which is always a plus.  Do you wear glasses? No problem, many high end fashion houses like Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna are making prescription sunglasses so you won’t have to compromise your sight to stay in fashion.

4. Eye-catching clutches.  There’s no better way to dress up your favorite LBD with a sparkly, embellished clutch.  They’re perfect for keeping all the essentials in one easy to access place and they can update almost any outfit.

5. Statement jewelry.  This fall accessory has a lot of wiggle room.  You can rock a thick sheet metal cuff, a large masculine-inspired watch, or a big look-at-me necklace.  Bold colors, large beads, and unique shapes are definitely in style this season, so go get to your favorite boutique and start adding these fall accessories into your new wardrobe.

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