Beauty Can Be Tough as Nails

You’ve heard the phrase “tough as nails” before, but we want to give it a whole new meaning.  All to often we neglect and mistreat our fingernails with polish and fake nails, biting them, using them to open something we can’t quite manage.  Not only do your nails finish off your whole look, but they are a great indicator of what’s going on inside your body, and if they are weak, discolored, or brittle they could be telling you that something’s wrong.

Ladies let’s show our nails a little love, and not by getting a weekly spa manicure, because that nail polish you use all the time could actually be breaking down the layer of protein that protects your nails from damage.  Simple things like staying hydrated, increasing your vitamin E and B intake(this could also help your hair), or trying out a new nail hardener could keep those long luxurious claws looking fierce.  It’s easy to keep your nails strong and beautiful, and soon they really will be tough as nails.

Source: 29 Secrets

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One Response to Beauty Can Be Tough as Nails

  1. Pauline says:

    I spent years neglecting my nails, and with a little bit of lovin, they have never looked better. 🙂

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