Your foundation is strengthened by the number of lipstick smears left on the ladder – Career Ladder

A study reviewed by the NY Times fashion section implicates that career growth is in direct correlation to wearing makeup. ( )

May-be-mean?  Nope it’s Maybelline®.  According to this study, women are perceived as more competent amongst their co-workers when wearing makeup.

By the way…the increase in trust, respect, and affection from your coworkers is contingent upon you wearing makeup as well.

With unemployment rates in or around NY averaging 8.1%, I guess we should all be “smart” – or at least appear to be with the assistance of blush- and begin wearing as much as we can  (*note the hint of sarcasm) .

Afterall, we don’t want to be laid off or fired for actually doing our job – but not wearing makeup nonetheless.

Feel free to contact us for cosmetics as you’re clamoring for that promotion (**rolls eyes with nude eyeshadow*).

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