Splurge or Save: Are Expensive Beauty Products Worth the Cost?

Walking by the cosmetics counter at a department store you find a whirlwind of products, you want to get all the best products, but when is it okay to take out the plastic and spend a little, and when should we be keeping our wallets padlocked in our purses?  What’s really quality and what’s just not worth it?  There are times where it’s better to splurge a little on high quality products, but there are also times where it’s better to save and buy a lower priced product that will do the same thing as your $50 creams.

As for pencil eyeliners, the majority of them are made of wax, which isn’t worth splurging on.  There’s no miracle ingredient or formulas that go into those expensive eyeliners that have designer logos on them.  Essentially, eyeliner is eyeliner and there’s no way around that.  On the other hand, it’s sometimes hard to find an eye shadow that will last all day, so splurging on the Dior 5-Colour Shadow Palette is definitely worth it.

In the battle of lip glosses vs. lipsticks try to save on the gloss.  Let’s be honest, lip glosses never last that long anyway so you are constantly reapplying and going through tubes of the sparkly stuff. Expensive lipsticks can last all day, but don’t underestimate the some drug store lipsticks, they can work just as well.

Foundations and concealers have caused women problems for years finding the right shade and finding something that won’t clog your pores.  For this essential piece of your makeup army take the time and splurge on something nice from the department store counter that will match your skin tone and go on smooth.  You need to start with a clean, even base and drugstore concealers just don’t make the cut.

Take these tips on splurging and saving, and maybe you can buy yourself something nice with all the money you’re saving on less expensive products, like an adorable new pair of pumps to compliment the rest of your outfit.

Source: About Beauty

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