The Natural Thoughts of MOM | Mineral.Organic.Mainstream

Nurturing your beautiful mind is our obligation, thus  the M.O.M. act.  No, not the mom that hugs you when you’re down. Nor the one that quickens her eyeball at your socially blasphemous action- arriving past your curfew…and no, you were not at Cynthia’s house studying.

M.O.M, to us, stands for Mineral, Organic and Mainstream cosmetics.  Naturally, it’s easy to be confused by or completely be misinformed about each category.

As a beauty company we are obligated to you, therefore we want to make certain that your minds are as sharp as the tip of an eyeliner.

  • Mineral Makeup: Micronized minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature and contains no chemical preservatives.
  • Organic Makeup: Manufactured organically from plants of organic sources and do not have any synthetic relation or affiliation with any genetically modified organisms.
  • Mainstream Makeup (Sometimes called Natural Makeup): Purified and undiluted plant derivatives and is suppose to contain no mercury, alcohol, DEA, nitrosamines, alcohol, isopropyl and polyethylene glycol, and preservatives.
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