The Covenant Between One and Beauty

A true connection with you, is the essence of this relationship: your covenant with beauty.
Understanding what beauty requires of you, allows you to present to the world, an effortlessly packaged presence-regardless of your artificial coverings -assisted by enhancements created by beloved cosmetic brands.

That glow, is merely confidence in your ability; the arch brows is not only the product of face-scaping , plucking, nor waxing- it is the inquisitive expression of a change creator, and wealth agent: a powerhouse human being who dares to solve questions and provide the world with solutions to hunger, pain, famine, inequality, injustice, and more.

Our goal, the very heart beat of Renarda Joy, is to further define your covenant with beauty. We are merely here to foster a relationship between what you have inside and what people in the outside world see. You are the one who is already beautiful. We simply want the world to notice.

Renarda Joy “Inner Beauty Defined”

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