Where True Beauty Should Lie | The Truth

The largest beauty trend that we’ve noticed at Renarda Joy-one that I personally believe is classic and timeless- is the minimalist look.

You know: subtle skin grazed by a light moisturizer, lip color implicating an invitation to nibble: lips lightly touched with a pale pinkish-red color and slightly plum-pigmented blush barely showing its existence  on your cheeks…?

We love this look. Why? Because we believe in the truth.

Applying make-up and using cosmetics should essentially enhance (naturally) what is present.

In other words, find features on your face that you truly appreciate: various shades or tones in your skin, angle of your jaw line, or shape of your eyes and use cosmetics to enhance those features.

As you lie awake this evening, know that true beauty never lies-as long as the source is acknowledged.  All others who dare disagree, we simply put to bed… you need your beauty sleep.

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