The Looks of Love | Breakup to “Make-Up”

Thursday October 11, I saw him. He was sharp, dark, and firm- just what I needed : Mac Eye Pencil “Indigo” $16 at

Friday, November 16, he made me nervous, I tripped. I rose and so did the color in my cheeks: Sephora Blush  “Icy Fuchsia” $13 at  

New Years Eve, I kissed him under the disco ball, his eyes twinkled, but then he winced (attempting to grasp whatever was stuck to his eyelid)-  Jam Body Glitter $9 at

Valentines Day, I saw him, ran to him and bumped into a glass window. At least I left my mark (lipstick smear on the glass) – Renarda Joy Lipstick “Innocent” $15 at

No matter how many times we breakup we “make-up.” Nevertheless, the look of love is beautiful.

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