Beauty and Fashion Fictions: Read In Between the Lies

I know how much we would like to believe in the beauty and fashion fictions, created by the inadequacy of light in the infamous room- the fitting room. Oh and the fabrication created by the shape of the in store mirrors or water-proof lies spewed by the overly ambitious/talented/sales-driven makeup artist at the cosmetic counter.  But we get caught up in the moment and purchase away.

Unfortunately, once we’ve arrived home, the realization that we cannot re-create the look or that we actually look like a mess: the excessive back bulge; the muffin top- readily available to eat (if I may add); the foundation-lighter than our actual skin tone is disquieting. And it has happened to many of us.

Renarda Joy prides itself on our beauty team.  We have a team of honest stylists, practical make-up artists and hairstylists. We are focused on developing your beauty from the inside out, “Inner Beauty Defined.”

There are other alternatives. For example,if you’re shopping for personal gifts, invest in a trustworthy and knowledgeable buddy who will tag along and assist in your decisions.

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