True or False | Eyelashes

How to apply and take care of false eyelashes?Image

Are you going on a date? Do you want to look fabulous and a little bit mysterious? Team Renarda Joy is all about intensifying beauty. False eyelashes come in hand to give you a deeper and sexier look.

Ana Cruzalegui, CEO of We Are Faux, gives step-by-step guide on making the application process all the more goof-proof.

  1. First, trim the outer edge of the lash, which is the longer end if eyelashes are too long. Squeeze just a little bit of glue onto the lash strip and wait about 20 seconds before applying.
  2. Use tweezers or your fingers to place the false lash strip onto your lash line.
  3. Lightly hold the lash until the glue dries and sets. To remove, gently lift the lash away (you can also use a remover depending on the type of adhesive) and peel the glue off, placing the lash back in its container to store. And to keep your lashes longwearing, “try not to mascara your false lashes,” says Cruzalegui.
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