Mean Girls | 2011’s Five Common Mistakes in Makeup

Team Renarda Joy browsed the web and gathered some of the top five common mistakes that makeup aficionados noted in 2011. Look, we aren’t being mean. We simply want the truth to set you free from this cosmetic blunders.

Image1. Overuse of mascara – mascara is essential to every makeup look. BUT, keep it in mind that everything is good in moderation.

2. Ridiculously thin eyebrows – shape of eyebrows can create a beautiful look or totally destroy it.

3. Nothing robs your day face of a healthy glow faster than brown-based cheek and lip color. Remember, makeup is meant to modestly  enhance: lips that look a bit more plump, cheeks that look a pinch rosier. This isn’t saying that you can’t do a fleshy- or bronzed-tone style. Just make sure it goes with the whole vibe of your look.

4. Girls with shimmer face and body lotion during the day look cheap. Please, DON’T DO IT!

5.  Sorry, but the only time bronzer looks good is when you already have a tan. Fair gals who swipe on a nut-brown powder or gel hoping to look sun-kissed will most likely end up looking fake and (yikes) dirty.

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