Keep Your Nails Healthy


As we mentioned in previous blogs, beautiful nails were one of the top beauty trends of 2011. Even though it was last year, neat looking nails with gorgeous nail polish always contribute to your stylish look. Follow these simple steps to maintain your nails healthy:

  •  Keep them trim.  Remember that long nails are difficult to maintain and to keep them like in an ad picture. Better to have short, nicely maintained nails than long, raggedy ones.
  •  Go bare. Nail polish can strengthen and hold together damaged nails, but it can also dry them out. So give your nails a break. Don’t change your polish constantly.
  •   Add Moisturize. Your skin isn’t the only part of your hands that needs moisture. Nails too, have dead cells and are likely to become dried or damaged.
  • Clean your cuticles. Overgrown cuticles can make healthy nails look damaged. You can keep them in good shape by putting lotion on them, pushing them back after a shower or bath every once in a while.

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