Don’t Skip the Drama

Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be, however, when it comes to dramatic makeup.Image Forget the natural look for a night and change up your style! Scared to take the plunge? The Renarda Joy team is here to help you know if you’re doing it right. Red lips are a classic that can be pulled off by going easy on the eyes and the cheeks. There’s no reason to be completely painted up like a clown 😉 It’s also critical to make sure you’re totally put together. Amazing lips won’t steal the show if your hair and skin haven’t been given the same treatment. Therefore, apply your makeup in good lighting, and make sure you’re checking up on your makeup more frequently than normal. The compliments will be endless on how sexy your new look is…but remember to save it up for the right occasion; you gotta know when too much is enough!

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