From Stone-Cold Vampire to the Freshest Flesh: Ashley Greene’s Makeup Tips

Twilight star Ashley Greene showed up at the “Louder than Words” event in LA last Wednesday with a face looking as fresh as fresh can be. The Renarda Joy team got our hands on her makeup stylist’s secrets, and they’re too good for us not to share! Starting out with a facial moisturizer kept Ashley’s face looking rejuvenated and hydrated, but never oily. If you’re prone to oily skin, be picky with your moisturizer and go with those made to keep your pores clear. Mai Quynh (Ashley’s makeup artist) then went with a foundation primer, completed by foundation that perfectly matched Ashley’s skin tone, giving Mai a perfectly flawless canvas to play up a little. With her eyes as the main focus of the look, Mai went with a slightly tinted blush to give her a little color, and a natural lip to give her a natural pout. For Ashley’s eyes, Mai created a modest cat-eye effect, which looked stunning on her. Using eye shadow primer first, Mai then applied earth-toned shadow from her lash line to the crease, and lastly blended her eyeliner upward on Ashley’s top lash line. DailyGlow summarizes her look perfectly: “The result of Quynh’s artistry was that Ashley Greene looked beautiful, glowing, and age-appropriate at the ‘Louder Than Words’ event” (

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