Fashion Week Makeup Sneak Peeks

Just like some of our latest posts, dramatic makeup won’t be taking a backseat. In fact, the runway is planning on being filled with dramatic and intense color palettes. 24-year-old makeup artist Yuui predicts that for the New York Fashion Week a lot of bright, colorful looks will be spotted on everybody because “People want more excitement…People are going to have a strong look, with a sexy, fierce effect” ( The top three Spring 2012 looks are

  1. “Orange-a-licious”. The look: The bolder the better. Bronzer and lip shades of bright orange. To spice up the look, add some big vintage-looking shades.
  2. “Modern Meets Retro”. The look: black, purple, and blue mascaras, nude or clear lip gloss. Add a retro scarf for a little bit of a throwback.
  3. “Pretty in Purple”. The look: pastels! For a little bit of a different look than the previous two, we’ve got something softer to offer. Lavender is something Renarda Joy definitely loves. Use a little glitter to dress up the look if need be.
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