Top Tips for Timely Makeup Application

ImageWhether it’s for a blind date, your big day, going out with some friends, or even just wearing it to go to school or work, every woman in some time in her life will wear makeup, but sometimes it can be too time consuming to deal with. Renarda Joy team will share 6 Top Tips for Applying Quick Makeup for those days when you are running out the door but still would like to look your best…

 Here are a few simple tricks when you are rushed for time and still need to look presentable.

  1. Get clean skin quick: Lightly mist your face with water and dab gently with cotton or tissue any traces of oil to refresh make up. After this, dab on some loose powder for a fresh look.
  2. Lighten locks instantly: Sprinkle translucent powder on the hair roots and brush through thoroughly. This will instantly add the healthy lustrous look back to your hair when you have no time to wash.
  3. Perfect your complexion: Use a yellow-based cover up to camouflage any pimples and redness. Use a concealer brush to apply and blend in the edges with your finger.
  4. Use pink to fake perfect skin: If you have no time for concealers and foundations, then just apply pink to your lips. This color detracts the attention away from the blemishes on the face.
  5. Sweeten up your cheeks: Finally, if you want to create the illusion of a well made up face, stroke on deep berry powder blush on the cheeks.
  6. Score evening eyes in just one step: Apply eyeliner as it is the quickest method of looking sexy and lively. Stroke on some mascara in layers for that smoldering look.
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