Perfect Purple and Golden Mix for Your Eyes

Do you want to make your brown eyes pop? The Renarda Joy team recommends you to use a mix of purple and gold to make your eyes stand out. To create this look yourself start with priming your eyelids both above and under your eye. Place the medium brown eyepencil on the lid. Take a blending brush and apply some of medium golden brown color eyeshadow in the crease. Take the same brush and apply a darker color in the outer corner to give some more definition. To make the purple color more vibrant it’s a good idea to use a purple base as well. Use deep purple or violet color for the bottom eyelid. Line your lash line with a black creamy eyeliner. Make sure you really tight line the lash line so that you get a nice and intense eye. Use a pointy brush to smudge out the lower lashline with a black eyeshadow so that you get a gradient finish from the black and over to the violet color. Smudge a little bit extra towards the outer corner. Dab the color on top of the line you made on your upper lash line so that the line stays in place for longer. Take a blending brush and blend out the violet color with the light brown eyeshadow. Apply mascara (and false lashes if you want some extra pizazz), and you’re all set.

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