Brown Eyes With a Twist

ImageDo you like this eye makeup? The Renarda Joy Makeup team will help you to recreate this look. As always we start with a base. Make sure you get it underneath your eye as well. Dig through your makeup stash for the brightest blue you’ve got and place it like in the middle of you eyelid close to the lash line. Now you need to find a warm burgundy/purple eyeshadow to place around it.  Make sure you blend it out and into the blue. Now we can finally play with brown eyeshadow. Apply it with a brush in the crease and blend it slightly outwards and into the purple. Then apply gel liner along the upper lash line and pointing it out in the outer corner. The under eye area needs some attention too, but it should be kept rather simple since the focus is on the blue, so use the black eye liner to draw a line halfway.  Smudge it out with some of the same brown eyeshadow you used earlier to create a smoky eye effect. Make sure the lines meet the in the outer corner of the eye. Nearly finished now. Just pop on some false eyelashes and put on a coat of mascara to finish off. Voilá! You look irresistible.

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