Wearing Fall Makeup This Spring

Don’t ditch your sexy fall makeup just because spring is in the air. Learn how to wear your fall makeup all through the year with these tips!

Got a dark lipstick shade you so faithfully wore for the past six months? No need to throw it out or keep it in hiding til next fall, just press on a lighter shade over your light layer of the dark pigment and VOILA! Instant springtime hue.

Don’t want to get rid of your opaque metallic eyeshadow? No worries, you can keep it! Spring is all about flair and all about continuing that love affair with metallics. Keep on rocking it!

Addicted to artful liner? Get ready ladies, springtime’s got the cat’s tongue. Cat eyes are all the rage right now, so thank goodness last season made you the Picasso of eyeliner application. For a more springy look, either use thinner lines OR dust some shimmer over it to brighten it up a bit.

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