Food For Thought

Taking care of your complexion isn’t just skin-deep anymore. Here are five things you shouldn’t be afraid to eat because they can actually improve your skin!

  1. Oranges—Healthy organs has been linked to healthy skin, so eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C can detox your body, promoting healthy organs. They can also help to prevent wrinkles!
  2. Chocolate—Enough of the old myth that chocolate is the root of all breakouts. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that can improve your skin…and your mood!
  3. Coconut water—If you’re not too crazy about plain water, coconut water is the flavorful alternative to healthy skin. It’s chalked full of natural sweetness and vitamins that can improve skin tone and complexion.
  4. A *GLASS* of Red wine—not only does just a simple glass of red wine protect against free radicals, but it is also full of antioxidants that help your skin to stay healthy.
  5. Almonds—they’re a great, sweet snack that are full of omega-3s and Vitamin E that keep your skin cells plump and healthy.
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