Behind These Hazel Eyes

Wait…behind isn’t really the right word I’m looking for…oh well, you get the point. Today the Renarda Joy Team is giving you the best tips to bring out your hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are unique because they often change their color. This gives you lots of freedom in makeup expression!

Although black is a simple and elegant liner of choice for many women, women with hazel eyes have the ability to switch it up to match and enhance their current color. 


Playing around with purples, taupes, and browns to line your lids will give you

Eyeshadow is very important for hazel-eyed girls. The best colors to use? Blues, golds, and purples. These colors give a dramatic appeal for all day or all night. Also add a highlighting powder to draw the most attention to your eyes.r eyes a more blue or green color, depending on what you’re going for. 

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