Beauty Tips from Backstage!

Transform your look from good to great with these simple, helpful tips directly from the top makeup artists!

Place a square of toilet paper underneath your eyes when dusting dark eye shadow on your eyelids, to avoid having to fix your foundation.

  • After you’ve applied your blush, sweep highlighter on both sides of your face to give yourself an extra glow.
  • To avoid getting makeup on your hair and prevent creasing, insert a square of toilet tissue between your hair and the clip, then secure.
  • Lightly tap concealer all the way around your eyes—from underneath your brows to just above the apples of your cheeks from a brighter eye.
  • For the perfect pout, paint on lipstick with a brush. This helps the lipstick from building up and creating unsightly creases.

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One Response to Beauty Tips from Backstage!

  1. stilishbabe says:

    great tips! thanks!

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