Long, Luscious Hair!

Hair too short for your liking? No problem! On average your hair grows ½ inch a month, but with a bit of extra care and attention – you’ll have alluring locks in no time!

Be Healthy: Inside and Out!

For long healthy hair, you have to eat right! Foods with Omega 3 Fatty acids are great for the hair and these can be found in fish, fish oil and some nuts. Protein is also great and can be found in lean meat and peanut butter. Also, don’t forget your fruits and veggies!

Natural is Always Better!

One of the best hair growth tips is to avoid the heat. Forget the curling iron, straightener and blow dryer all of which damage hair significantly. Also avoid hairstyles that are damage the hair including cornrows, tight ponytails or buns.

Massage Your Way to Long Hair and Relaxation!

Stimulation can help hair follicles grow. Before bed, you should use the tips of their fingers to massage their scalp slowly in small, round circles. Massage softly, stimulating the skin and follicles so that the hair will grow quickly.

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