The 70s Are Back!!

With the return of all things 70’s, it is only befitting that the hair go along with the trends.  Afro’s are coming back better than ever.

Ladies please dump the straightening irons and chemical treatments and get with the trend. Afro’s are effortless and just striking. If you love positive attention, an Afro is the way to get it.  We have seen women transform into absolute beauties when they go natural.

With Afro’s comes confidence. If you just can’t let go of the chemicals you can also try for the Braid Method. Here’s how to get that look:

  1. Start with wet or damp hair before bed.
  2. Part your hair into six or eight sections, going from your forehead back to your neck. Use a comb to achieve an extra-neat part.
  3. French braid each section of your hair.
  4. Sleep in the braids overnight
  5. Unbraid your hair when you get up in the morning. Bend over and tousle your hair with your fingers.
  6. Divide each of the six or eight sections into four individual sections with a fine toothed comb.
  7. With each of the four mini sections, tease your hair gently until you achieve your desired afro.

Team Renarda Joy can show you how to discover what works for you.  Contact us at to set up a consultation.

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