Livestrong’s 20 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Life….Brought to an Easily-Read Blog Post

 We found these tips to be so helpful, we decided to deliver them straight to you!

As the weather becomes more chilly, make sure to remember that you don’t give up on the summer workout streak that you have started!

  • Pay attention to your rest between sets
  • Avoid exercising to failure
  • Make every minute count
  • Maximize muscle tension
  • Ditch the belt (weightlifting)
  • Pick exercises that feel right (You don’t want unnatural joint pain)
  • Eat in a distraction-free area
  • Start juicing
  • Eat what you really want first
  • Start your healthy eating plan on Sundays
  • Visit the water fountain frequently
  • Build your diet around foods you actually want to eat
  • Start small and build
  • Take pictures of yourself
  • Block off your time
  • Make fitness a journey
  • Lead by example
  • Start paying attention to yourself
  • Perform a daily positive conditioning ritual

Remember, exercise will make you feel better and will make you confident for any challenge you face! 

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